Submission Guidelines

Submissions close Dec 31, 2014.  Officially open July 31.

Full pricing to be released (early, standard, late). Early submissions will be discounted.  Submitting now puts you at an advantage.

Standard submissions $45 after May unless specifically discounted. Cost should not be prohibitive. Fee waiver grants awarded on a limited basis.

                                                Submission Guidelines

1. Short film submissions to: Vimeo SD downloadable enabled is the preferred method of submission. Other formats will be considered only in exceptional circumstances.
2. Shorter the better. 2-15 minutes preferred. Shorter the better.
3.  At least one filmmaker must commit to being interviewed if accepted. Connect is a “filmmaker’s hub” as much as a festival.
It is a festival specifically geared towards connecting filmmakers and bringing filmmakers together for future creative collaboration and increased interaction. Friendly filmmakers, currently active filmmakers, filmmakers involved in their communities and eager to interact with other filmmakers internationally, are especially warmly welcome to submit.

10 simple questions with email application: Basic email message & in-body application is fine. Forms available only on request.

Send Vimeo SD downloadable link within email that contains:
1. Film title
2. Vimeo SD downloadable link. Password if necessary. Please note: Vimeo SD downloadable link is the *only* format in which films will be reviewed unless specifically discussed via  USB via mail or other submission formats may be allowed in special cases. File sharing, Youtube, etc, are not recommended.
2. Name of person submitting the film.
This does not have to be the director, but if it is any other member of the film production team the director must be able to be contacted for written permission.
3. Preferred contact information for person submitting the film
4. Names of people involved in the film who would be happy to be interviewed about the making of the film
5. Running time of film.
Is this the full copy or has it been altered for previous festivals?
Are full credits available?
7. Date it was made. (this is not prohibitive). We want your best work not necessarily your newest work!
8. Genre of Film.
9. If accepted: Is trailer available? Is other promo material?
Additional press kit guidelines form available if film is accepted.
10. Has the film screened at other festivals? (this is not a disadvantage)

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