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“The Connect Film Festival is one of the only film festivals I have come across that embodies the true essence of what a film festival is supposed to be.

When the runners of this festival screen your film, you become a part of their active network in perpetuity. They truly care about independent film and building a community of filmmakers without politics and pretense. Bravo!” Quincy Ledbetter, Connect Filmmaker USA turned Connect Judge 2017

Connect Los Angeles Team 2015

“This is a very well curated festival with an inclusive community vibe. Its a great festival to attend if you want to watch good & interesting films, and meet future collaborators. It doesn’t get lost in the bustle and politics of other festivals, its purely interested in helping promote filmmakers and their films within a friendly, artistic and supportive environment. And they are continuing to expand to new cities! Plus, the festival director and volunteers are incredibly warm, welcoming, and not only active filmmakers themselves but also true fans of cinema and the filmmakers they help support. Well worth the submission!” Nico Raineau

“I had a great experience with the Los Angeles Connect Film Festival. Tons of great films and lots of opportunities to connect with other filmmakers. We actually got work on other projects thanks to Connect!” Jessica Graham, Connect Filmmaker USA & Australia

“The vision for Connect is one that is truly needed in this industry as it helps filmmakers achieve their dreams and aspirations together. The community vibe is a breath of fresh air and one we are very happy to be a part of!” Aaron Ellis, Connect Filmmaker Australia 

“I just wanted to let you know the Connect Film Festival did exactly that — connected me with an incredible group of filmmakers, actors, film lovers and more! At the fest, and after, so many people contacted me to congratulate me on the film. I received emails, phone calls and posts on social media from people I had never met, old friends and new friends! It was so amazing to have such an incredible group of people at the fest and I just wanted you to know how very special it was! Thank you!!!”  – Rachel Goldberg, Connect Filmmaker USA and Australia

“A worldwide network of filmmakers, it was a great festival to be a part of. Incredibly talented filmmakers and a worldwide community of people who aren’t afraid to collaborate. I was blown away by the quality and the awesome vibe.” James Walker, Connect Filmmaker Australia