LINDSEY-LOON RICKER  – FOUNDER, Film Dictator & Creative Sass

Now located in multiple cities internationally and run by a vibrant team, Connect was originally founded by one individual in a pub in Melbourne Australia. Started as a private screening party by Lindsey-Loon, Connect expanded into an industry mixer and exuberant creative community. 

The original rules were “great films, great chat, great alcohol, and exit routes.” Intended to celebrate each “maker” of film, and connect departments, Connect is an environment where many creative partnerships and collaborations have formed, resulting in abundant new work. Connect has been described as an international creative community “born in a pub and raised in an art space.”

Lindsey is originally American, from Cambridge Massachussets, though she also grew up partly in Japan and Texas. She received her B.A from Yale University, graduate degrees from University of Melbourne and University of Queensland in Australia, and trained at NIDA, Australia’s National Institute of Dramatic Art, whose alumni include Cate Blanchett, Toni Colette, Judy Davis and Sam Worthington. She spent over 6 years in Australia. In filmmaking she began as a director then switched to the acting side of the lens for years, though she still does creative producing and directing. As an actor she is represented by Gilchrist Management in Australia and TAG talent in the USA.


Erin is an actress, writer, producer and a professional photographer.   She’s been acting since her first role as the witch in Hansel and Gretel in elementary school and now she creates a web series with her children called Your Neighbors, The Neumeyers.  Growing up in Northern Michigan’s beauty led to her pursuit of photography and now both acting and photography meld together nicely.

She attended Northern Michigan University and University of Colorado at Boulder, then in Chicago she completed The Second City Conservatory program and became an alumni of iO Chicago.  In Los Angeles she’s studied with Howard Fine, Voice Acting with David Lawrence XVII, produced and starred in 2 plays, wrote and directed 7 short films and became an iO West Alumni.


Award winning producer Jason Hampton has worked in the film industry, in physical production, for the better part of a decade. Having worked on projects such as Masterminds, Gone VR 360, Summer Forever and Holidays, Jason brings a wide variety of skills and films to the table.

Jason, having gotten his start below the line, has spent the last two years in hard development, and building contacts and relationships in multiple areas of film production. From development through distribution, Jason can bring the most quality people onto projects, to garner the best chance for success.

For the past four years Jason has been developing pre-production and project management software that has without a doubt made countless productions run with better communication, and cutting down the time needed for the prep process. With the goal of adding budgeting this year, the plan is to make Callsheet the one-stop-shop for indie filmmaking.