Spotlight Interview: Founder of Connect Film Festival, Lindsey Lune Ricker

Connect Film Festival has grown into an international phenomenon with multiple screening locations— its current home base of Los Angeles and its founding city of Melbourne Australia, with Connect Screening events in Boston, MA and Austin, TX. It has been a Top 100 Best Reviewed Festival on Film Freeway in 2016, 2017, 2018. An actor and working photographer myself, I was interested in the festival’s focus on “connecting” cast and crew and filmmakers internationally. I was also very interested to learn more about its ties to Australia! After meeting with Lindsey Lune Ricker in mid 2016 through Women in Moving Pictures, I joined Connect as their Director of Communications.  Working with Lindsey has given me a new perspective on the drive and dedication it takes to run a film festival.  I sat down with Lindsey to talk about her process.