The Connect judging process: Connect judges are an interconnected community of working filmmakers and film lovers throughout the globe. Each film is assessed by individuals not a panel, films are viewed by up to 9 judges. Connect encourages Connect alumni Filmmakers to also judge, and many Connect filmmakers find themselves involved in the community in a multitude of ways. The current directors of the Connect Screenings Texas began as Connect filmmakers. Founder Lindsey Loon is still a judge. While Connect encourages judges involvement, any accepted entries by judges themselves are screened out of comp in a “Judge’s Showcase,” and in standard programming Connect rarely exceeds 10% alumni work. We are committed to consistently expanding our vibrant creative community and welcoming a multitude of perspectives and genres. We do this within the unified commitment to strengthening a creative community dedicated to authenticity, collaboration, and expanding our compassionate understanding of the human condition through storytelling on film.

2017 Connect Film Festival Judges include:



Ameenah Kaplan

• Ameenah Kaplan, Atlanta

Ameenah Kaplan is a director, actor, and choreographer working in filmed and live entertainment in Los Angeles and around the country.
STAFF Lindsey

Lindsey Loon

• Lindsey Loon, Los Angeles- Connect founder

Lindsey Loon founded Connect Film Festival in 2013. She began as a director and photographer before moving to the acting side of the lens. American, she spent over a decade overseas, primarily connected to communities in Cambridge MA, Japan, Houston Texas, Australia and Los Angeles. She engages in filmmaking from a multitude of perspectives and encourages initiatives both within filmmaking connecting both sides of the lens and above and below the line participants; and through film content that illuminates different cultural communities. As an actor she is represented by Gilchrist Management and TAG talent. http://www.lindseyloon.com


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Mimi Wright

• Mimi Wright, Oregon

My name is Mimi Wright and I’m a production runner at Laika animation studios working on my first feature film. My hobbies include working for film festivals, cooking vegan meals and photography. My ultimate career goal is to be a film programmer for TV networks. Instagram.com/mimiwrght




Nicole Titus

Nicole Titus

Nicole Titus, Germany.

Nicole Titus is an Austrian actress and drama education teacher currently working at the Municipal Theatre of Ingolstadt. www.nicoletitus.de


Quincy Ledbetter

Quincy G. Ledbetter is a writer, director, DP, producer, photographer, colorist, and music composer currently residing in Brooklyn, New York.
For over 15 years Quincy has worked as an independent filmmaker, creating multiple web series, music videos, and short films.  Currently, he is writing and develop features.  Quincy has also been working as a Video Director with various digital and news media companies in the New York Metro area, producing and directing short and long for documentaries and web series.
Quincy’s personal projects have been featured in numerous film festivals including The Williamsburg International Film Festival, The Garden City Film Festival, and of course, The Connect Film festival where he serves as a judge.  In 2017 Quincy received a Short Format Daytime Program Emmy Nomination for his work on, “Clarify”, a web series for Mic.com and Spotify.
 In September of 2013 Quincy founded The Bang Bang Theory, a production company that specializes in the production of film, photography, and music.
Twitter:  @qledbetter
Facebook:  Quincy G. Ledbetter
Instagram:  qledbetter

Brittany Christine


Brittany Christine

• Brittany Christine, Seattle – Connect Australia filmmaker 2014

I’m a Voice-Stunt-Film-TV-Commercial-Animation-Industrial Internet-Host-Model-Rock, Grunge, & Bollywood Video Vixen Actress, (whew never using that title again) that enjoys binge watching movies and shows just as much as making them! I look forward to exchanging formal handshakes and informal jokes with you all at this years LA Event!

The Biz Deets: https://www.brittanychristine.com/

The Personal Deets: https://www.instagram.com/officiallybrittanychristine/

 • Antonio Edward, Austin TX – Connect Texas Screenings filmmaker turned Texas Screenings Community Director

• Serenity Edward, Austin TX- Connect Texas Screenings filmmaker turned Texas Screenings Community Director

• Dena Buchalter, Houston TX

• Todd Pickering, Los Angeles

• Whit Spurgeon, Los Angeles- Connect USA filmmaker 2015, 2016

• Jason Hampton, Los Angeles – Connect USA Board Chief Technology Officer

• Holger Frick, Germany

• Victoria Savage, Los Angeles – Connect Texas Screenings filmmaker 2016


Thank you! Cheers to everyone!