Films 1st Connect

January, 2014

1. Mojo App.
Film representative present: Director, Jared Morgan. Actor, Lindsey Loon.
2. Red Aces  “Death Closes All” (music video)
Film Representative: Actor, Hana Vraniqi. 1st Assistant Director, Terry Flander.
3. The Murder of Jonathan Ripley. Dir. Ally Riches
Film Representative: Actor, Lindsey Loon; Director Ally Riches
One film noir with a twist as sharp as a curl of lemon in a stiff martini.
… and a mystery so stylish you won’t want to take your eyes off it for a moment.

4. Candy Cravings. Dir. Sebastian Bertoli in a 48hr film project collaboration.
Film Representative: Actor/co-writer/producer, Saara Lamberg; Sound Designer Charly Harrison; Actor, Sandy Greenwood.
5. Pint. Dir. Nic Barker
Film Representative: Director, Nic Barker; Cinematographer Marty Gubbins; Actor, Fiona Norman.

Nobody at the wedding likes Jackson. So he probably shouldn’t drink too much…

Find more of Nic Barker’s films at:

6. Mabowesi. Dir. Tom Vogel
Film Representative: Director, Tom Vogel.
7. Simple Happiness. Dir. Angelique Georges
Film Representative: Actor, Hana Vaniqi; Cinematographer, Craig Smith.
8.The Comedian. Dir. Andrew Walsh
Film Representative: Director Andrew Walsh
9. A Fairy Tale. Dir. Stefan Bugryn
Film Representative: Director Stefan Bugryn, Actor Saara Lamberg
10. Dusk. Sarah Jayne
Film Representative: Director/Writer/Co-Producer/Art Director, Sarah Jayne; Co-Producer/Editor Ivan Malekin; Actor Cory Corbett.

11. Reckoning. Ivan Malekin
Film Representative: Director, Ivan Malekin, Co-Producer/Actor/Co-Writer, Tom Vogel; Art Direction/Props/Costume Sarah Jayne.
12. Broken Superman. Zev Howley Film Representative:
Director Zev Howley; Actor, Whitney; Actor, Cory Corbett

“Without Love Man is a Soulless Vessel…”
An intense story of post-traumatic stress, life beyond heroism, love beyond redemption.


Cory Corbett. Showreel cut by Ivan Malekin
Saara Lamberg.
Hana Vaniqi
Brittany Christine
Naomi Lisner
Lindsey Loon (tentative)
John McCullough
Jonathan Newton

Promotional/trailers– *not* in competition, for sharing only:

Exes. Director: Jackson Tozer. Actors: Lindsey Loon, Jackson Tozer.

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