Films 2nd Connect

February, 2014

1. The Right to Bare Violence. Dir. Angus Ward.
Filmmakers present: Actor Albert Goikhman
2. Arrival. Dir. Joshua Hoareau.
Filmmakers present: Dir. Joshua Hoareau, actors James Schaw, Steve Young, and Addam Bramich, Musician Richard Labrooy, Sound engineers Jay Mains and Pascalis Dimopoulos
When a mysterious object falls from the sky, the lives of two brothers will never be the same again…

Brought to you by:    Cinestudios Entertainment
3. Remember. Dir. Carlos Briceno.
Filmmakers present: Actress Saara Lambing
4. Shame, by The Cairos. (Music video). Dir Prad Senanayake.
Filmmakers present: Actress Saara Lamberg present
5. Exes. Dir Nic Barker.
Filmmakers present: Dir. Nic Barker, actors Jackson Tozer and Lindsey Loon
6. Miss Appropriate. Dir. Sarah Jayne.
Filmmakers present: Dir. Sarah Jayne, cinematographer Marty Gubbins, actors Hana Vraniqi and Lindsey Loon
7. The Teacher’s Union. Dir. Lewis Eyers-Stott.
Filmmakers present: Dir: Lewis Eyers-Stott
8. Penny. Dir. Stuart Stanton.
Filmmakers present: Dir. Stuart Stanton, actors Jodi Eames, Jason Angus, Jacob Fyfe, Nathan Luke,  Director of Photography Joel Frances.
“The music! The Colour! The Atmosphere!”
Brought to you by Final Focus Australia:

CFF website Penny photo
Additional info:

9. Jal Waheguru JI. Dir. Virat Marwaha.
Filmmakers present: Dir./actor Virat Marwaha
10. About a Dog. Dir. Benjamin Sheen.
Filmmakers present: Actor Jeremy Kewley
11. The Skateboard Saga. Dir. Don Percy
Filmmakers present: Dir. Don Percy and co-writer/actor Jeremy Kewley
12. The Comet Chronicles. Dir. Wade Chitwood.
Filmmakers present: Actor Brittany Christine

Also showcasing:
Showreel of actor Jeremy Kewley
Trailer: Goodnight Baby, Dir. James Carrol, actors Lindsey Loon and Cameron Robbie present.
Showreel of actor Alex Forras, Director and manager Darren Downs present.

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