INTERNSHIP in Social Media/Funding

Who • What • Why


Who is this internship for?

Connect is seeking a dedicated individual to launch a successful crowd funding and promotion campaign. This will be a respectful and appreciated role (yup, we’re talking business cards!), and will result in superb recommendation and references. There is *only a token payment,* but it is a professional role.  Can be done part-time from anywhere in the world, although an Australian or Los Angeles resident is preferred. It is an invitation to join our team, an opportunity to help out and get recognised and appreciated for that. It is in no way intended to be a paid role. There is no employment contract and nothing but an initial welcome payment, with the potential of shared benefit as we all benefit. This is a professional assignment, but not a job.


Provide answers to “the 5 requirements”


Attention: Lindsey Loon



1) • You MUST Have run a Kickstarter, IndieGogo, or any other crowd funding campaign.

Please provide links to this campaign and a brief explanation of your involvement (i.e., built site, monitored funds, headed communications, created or edited video or writing content, etc).

2) • You must have donated to friend’s campaign or campaigns you believe in.

Please provide links to 2 of these campaigns.

If you have never contributed to a crowd funding campaign, please do so before applying. You will not be considered for this position without experience of both sides of the crowd funding process.

3) • You must be willing to work for free and communicate honestly about your boundary conditions in terms of time commitment and schedule flexibility. This is a highly flexible, highly communicative part-time position.

4) • You must understand the festival. Read our one page description at

5) Be available for a phone interview.


• You can be located anywhere in the world and do not have to attend the event. Your timezone and ease of reaching you however *is* a factor.

• English must either be your native tongue, or you must be fully bilingual. Note any other languages you speak. Multi-linguality is an advantage for marketing, however English is the official language of Connect.



You are particularly welcome to apply if you fit at least 4 of the additional criteria, your skills in:

4. Graphic design: You are adept at graphic design, with some samples available.

• send links to some of your graphic design. If you can, conceptualise and mention what way that might be helpful in promoting a film festival.

5. Website construction: Have built currently active websites.

• Please send links to 2-5. Note what platform you used (does not have to be code, WordPress, Creative District, etc is fine just please note)

6. Are committed to clear direct communication: We can easily touch base by phone.

• You enjoy sometimes speaking on the phone– are not afraid of conversations and do not hide behind text or email. You prefer using direct communication in the form of either phone conversation, Skype, or written back-and-forth messenger and are committed to two way communication. You fundamentally utilise text, Facebook, and email as ways to verify or confirm information discussed directly, or share information. You still consider direct human conversation the most effective mode of communication.

7. Do you have a Facebook page or personal account?

Pls provide a link to whichever you feel is most relevant (1-3 links. Ie: “personal page to get a sense of who I am,” “my acting or graphic design business page,” “fan page for that musician I jump around to/actor I love.”

If you do not have a Facebook page of any sort, that is not a deal-breaker. Simply mention it.

8. Have completed a marketing campaign start to finish. 

• Have demonstrated project management in some capacity, and can send links to work. If you have any team building management or hiring experience mention it, it is not a make or break qualification.

9. Are a good personality match for the organisation, are currently involved in creative projects and committed to positivity and having filmmakers support themselves and each other.

10. Know someone, or yourself have been  involved in the first two Connect Film Festivals.

11. Have been involved in running a film festival in Los Angeles.

12. Have a phone reference of someone who knows the Connect Film Festival director well. 

This is not mandatory, but definitely a bonus.



You hopefully…please answer yes or no:

1. Support filmmaking or are a filmmaker yourself.

2. Truly enjoy social media.

3. You Tweet regularly and have an online presence, Facebook friends, etc.

4. Are familiar with instagram, snapchat, even if you do not regularly use them yourself.

5. Secretly or blatantly love “likes” and “numbers” and building buzz.

6. Still use Facebook or email and enjoy communicating via FB/messenger.

7. Truly enjoy promoting projects, people, brands you love.

8. Personally donate to campaigns as much as you can afford, or plan to donate more in future.

9. Take the time to write reviews on anything from IMDB to Yelp, and may have some journalism experience, particularly film journalism or reviewing.

10. Either have an accurate succinct resume or can be phone interviewed with written materials and references to support your claims.



Help fuel the engine to raise money and awareness for Connect Film Festival in the USA, and make this a strong and sustainable project.

We are launching 3rd August, 2015 which gives us time to craft the best project possible. This will be a phenomenal film line up. Now we need a phenomenal Connect team, respectful awards, and an event that truly energises and motivates fantastic future productions. Submissions have already been flooding in for over a month.


WE NEED funding, supporters, and keen promoters. This is a fantastic ongoing project with enormous expansion potential.

Connect Film Festival was founded in Australia, entirely self-funded on one individuals shoestring budget. Who are we kidding, she usually wears cowboy boots. It was an event started with an open spirit and *&^< all cash. Because it was founded by an actor and filmmaker with ties to the local community, self-funding was possible, submissions were appropriate and ample, the venue was free, and attendance exceeded expectations. Since then, the event has grown. Launching in the new environment of Los Angeles is not conducive to a non-budget film festival.

• We will be screening in a top theatre in Hollywood

• The explosion of film submission rate has made time investment soar

• There is a new and expanding judging panel of dedicated film professionals and industry insiders

• Filmmaker’s pay for submission fees and they should value and feel valued for their contribution to the event, whether they are selected or not. The *Value* Connect provides for filmmakers must be recognised by a cross-investment, filmmaker’s valuing their chance at participation shows more commitment than free entry.  Filmmakers invest in their own projects and projects they truly believe in. We need to be a project anyone who wants to participate believes in. They should be excited to both submit, donate, and attend.

• Connect recognises filmmakers through time and attention. Building IMDB-approved awards, expanding exposure for filmmakers in every facet of production, having the respect and attention of constant direct communication with the Connect team at . We are more reachable than many established festivals or businesses, and our time and attention should also be valued.

• More than anything– *connecting* with other dedicated filmmakers and supporters–these are great opportunities for us all. Strengthening Connect as a profitable business makes sense.

• In future, Connect would like to offer cash awards to filmmakers, but this will only be possible by growing a core of dedicated participants. Donating to veteran Connect filmmaker’s projects, helping support other film festivals and organisations, building meaningful sponsorships, is part of the Connect ethos. We need promotion, awareness, and funds to do this.

We must create an environment where people feel proud to submit and proud to donate, and where filmmakers who participate feel *happy* to additionally support the organisation. We must create an environment where there is zero ethical conflict or social awkwardness in both donating and submitting. All donations must be anonymous and not affiliated with any film submission. All must be warmly encouraged to submit, and recognise that your donations feed this community, which in turn feeds your art.

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