Founder Lindsey Loon

A keen filmmaker on both sides of the lens, actor and photographer Lindsey ‘Loon’ Ricker received her B.A from Yale University where she acted in 5th humor sketch comedy, then went on to train in film acting at Australia’s National Institute of Dramatic Art (NIDA). She worked as a magazine photographer and for private clients in the USA, Australia and New Zealand.

Keen to encourage a filmmaking community that recognized both cast and crew achievement– she envisioned a pre-production hub and creative “hive mind” where short samples of film work served as a way to introduce world class filmmakers to each other’s work.

She founded the Connect Film Festival in Melbourne, Australia as a way to say thank you to the people she had worked with in the Australian film community, and to co-mingle film crews to create future collaborations regardless of where in the world she happened to be.


Her showreel starts with a slap:

This micro short film (3 minutes) won the “Best Dark Comedy” award:

Connect grew into a buzzing hive of creative connections, and an IMDB recognized film festival now run on two continents and with a constellation of international judges.

Lindsey is reachable for acting work through Gilchrist Management:

Or in the USA directly at:
Attn: Lindsey

Dec, 2013

Dec, 2013IMGP1588

One comment

  1. Hi Lindsey,
    Mark Bernstein here (Deanna’s friend and colleague). I found many of the films presented at the Somerville Theater very provocative. So much so that they influenced my dreams for several nights. I would like to show a group of my friends The Jacket and the domestic violence film with the little boy (in Spanish ). Can I access them on line?
    Also, please add my email to upcoming events and notices.

    Thanks for providing the “connection.”


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