Connect Team & Community

Connect is run by a team of dedicated filmmakers in Australia and the USA. (Melbourne, Australia; Austin Texas, Los Angeles)

Our judges are active working filmmakers who carefully evaluate your submissions and delight in finding collaborators and growing an elite but open community that cross promotes and encourages excellence.

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Our judges have worked on studio and independent narrative film work in the following genres: feature films, shorts, animation, music videos, commercials, etc. They include directors, theater and film actors, writers, editors, cinematographers, and experienced cast and crew. They include but are not limited to:

Australia: Melbourne & Sydney:

Katherine Grinlaw, Heidi Salander, Cory Corbett, Hana Vraniqi (also EU), Andrew Chambers


USA: Los Angeles, Austin, & Atlanta:

Kim Adelman, Richard Caines, Josiah Huyard, Narmar Hana, Julia McArthur, Todd Pickering, Ameenah Kaplan, Kenny Hargrove, Lindsey Loon

Endorsements include: Filmmakers Alliance, The Director List, IFP Festival Forum, AFM Festival Director’s Circle, LA Shorts, Hollyshorts



Nicole Titus (Berlin), Hana Vraniqi (Serbia/Australia)